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You might be thinking, do I really need a coach?  Here’s the thing.  Our lives can be a bit like a radio station that isn’t tuned in properly.  There is so much exterior noise and interference, sometimes it can be hard to see the simple, minor adjustments that should be made that transform our lives. 

That’s what coaching did for me anyway.  The more I tuned in, the more my relationships blossomed and to me that is the greatest gift of all.  And THAT is the power of coaching.  It helps us tune out what is not helping us and tap into our greatest resource – OURSELVES.  

Upcoming events

COVID CATCH UPS    6 April – 22 June 2020

Live webinars, every Monday 11am -12pm (sponsored by the Torquay Community House). 

Unwind and de-stress as we embark on a wonderful journey of self exploration and emotional awakening.  


Feeling unfulfilled?  Have you got more to offer this world but don’t know where to start?

It’s time to take ACTION!

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What we do

Team Performance

Motivate and inject life back into your team.  We help by providing the best tools in;

  • Successful leadership
  • Focus and efficiency
  • Epic communication

Success Coaching

You can’t build your dream life without a really good road map.  We’ll help you figure out where you really want to go and give you the right tools so that you are unstoppable!

Relationship Coaching

Sometimes what was once a wonderful passionate relationship, can turn into a list of chores and duties.  We’ll help you ignite that spark again so that your relationship is bursting with love and excitement!

About me

10 years ago my life fell spectacularly apart.  My mum died of a brain tumor, my marriage ended and my beloved dog died.  I truly believed that my life was ruined… How wrong can a person possibly be!  

It was the time of my greatest awakening… When our world comes apart at the seams, we have a choice.  Fall apart or put your best foot forward.  We all have an incredible inner strength that if we allow ourselves to tap in to, it will carry us through the most painful of times.  And once we find that strength it is with us forever. 

We all go through rough patches, but if we can navigate our way through them and allow ourselves to learn from the experience, then we come out the other side – truly incredible. 

Much love – Barb

Our vision

When you finally tap into your life's deepest truth and purpose... you will find your greatest happiness.”

Truth Life Coaching

What people have said

I was going through some difficult times in my marriage. Barb had such a profound understanding of our problems and helped me settle a lot of my frustrations and negative emotions. I have started getting greater clarity and a huge sense of relief.
John Snel
College Professor
I was blown away with what transpired just days after my session with Barb. A connecting heartfelt phone call with my daughter and the start of our healing journey together. Barb is one of those rare people who truly listens. Her truthful approach, focused awareness and compassion helps shine a light on those painful issues, bringing clarity, ease and peace within
Ruth Spear
Barbara is a brilliant coach who's compassion and patience is second to none. She empowers people to move forwards with their life's decisions. She gave me the confidence to take action through a really stressful life change. She mentored me when I needed it the most.
Eleanor O'Connor
Business Executive

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